Becoming An Acti-Labs Ambassador

Okay so great news we just launched May 9, 2016! That is right that means this is a ground floor opportunity. Our NEW items are launching this week with the Selfie kit launching tomorrow May 23, 2016. *No auto ships *No quotas *No website fee

So let me break this down for you! We have 5 different kits available to choose from starting with:

$27.50 Virtual – (Account/webshop) *NO PRODUCTS INCLUDED* + Option to buy a kit later (after the purchase or sales of $300 in sales in any one month – this is the only kit with an upgrade option).

$45 Selfie Kit – four piece contour palette, skyscraper mascara, duo eye shadow (random color), mega matte liquid lipstick, gel eyeliner, lip stain, brow wax, makeup bag, headband, blending bud and five catalogs. (Savings of over $140.00 USD)

$70 Start Kit – Brow Wax, Eye Shadow, Diamond Dust, HPLG (High pigment lip gloss), 3D Corrector 20ml, Hydra-Slim, Makeup Brush Set, 5 Catalogs, Headband, Blending Bud, Phyto Body Lotion

$100 Start Kit Plus – Brow Wax, Duo Eye Shadow, Diamond Dust, HPLG (High pigment lip gloss), 3D Corrector 20ml, Hydra-Slim, Makeup Brush Set, Le Joli Crayon, Lip Stain, Head Band, Kit Case, 5 Catalogs, Blending Bud, Phyto Body Lotion.

$120 Start Kit Deluxe – Brow Wax, Duo Eye Shadow, Diamond Dust, HPLG (High pigment lip gloss), Le Joli Crayon, Skyscraper, Blending Bud, Makeup Brush Set, Eye & Lip Contour, MesoDerm 50ml, Marine Collagen Body Lotion, Lipo Wrap Kit Plus, Thermo Slimming Gel, Head Band, 3 Sample Pots, Kit Case, 5 Catalogs

** Your commitment when you buy a kit:

As you know, the company provides the Kit to you at a reduced price as an investment to help you start your business as an Acti-Labs Ambassador. 

By purchasing your kit, you commit to selling the amount below within 4 weeks of paying for your kit. 

The minimum sales required are as follows:

Selfie Kit: $45

Start Kit: $70.00

Start Kit Plus: $100.00

Deluxe Start Kit: $120.00

If these sales are not achieved within the specified time period, we will recuperate the difference between the amounts stated above and your sales achieved to recover some of our investment.

Click here:

Now lets get to why you should join Acti-labs NOW! If you have ever been in direct selling you know how important it is to be on the ground floor level. We are taking the US by storm already 7500 kits sold the first day! Be the first in your city maybe even state!!! OH did I mention we are launching into Canada this summer (2016)!!!

Okay to explain a little about Acti-labs we have been in the UK for over a year now. We are still growing there as well so right now your market can be in the UK , US and by summer in Canada!! We own the lab where our products are made and that means affordable prices for your customers and you! 🙂

I hope to talk to you real soon! My team is growing and I would love for your team to grow with me! 🙂



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